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Re: Rogue Leveling Guide 1-200

Kril wrote:I can *face palm* by myself, without any outside assistance.... and only 1 health pot per *face palm*

true story

My Build:
Str: 900 (this way I don't even need a weapon)
Dex: 10 (a waste, but I have no choice. Who needs dex, when you kill every enemy with a few punches?)
Foc: 500 (people always tell me I could excel if I just had more focus. This helps me focus all my strength on my punches.)
Vit: 10 (I am appalled that OTM requires us to waste points here. That's what health pots are for, right?)

Face Palm: 35 (50 with item bonuses)
The other skills are worthless

Ok, I am joking.
I only have 300 points devoted to Focus. ;)

Lol! Topic got off topic but this and supachalupa's guide have the beat ways to dps!
Houston/rogue216-lvl 216 combined-140 rogue and 76 druid,

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Re: Rogue Leveling Guide 1-200

I just started playing today. I started off using your guide, but I have no idea where this lux shop is? Details would be nice. I bought the 4k plat, purchased some gold, got bored and just used a super elixir to get to lvl 18. After putting all my points into strength, I can't purchase equipment for my build. I'll try another guide. This one wasn't helpful.

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