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My next goal:

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 10:57 pm
by Zarfus
Hello, I am Zarfus, a (currently) 191 rogue from Balor. The server that (still) hasn't killed BT. This weekend, I've made some considerable progress, gaining 18 levels (173-191), got my first reaper ring, and have had a bunch of other stuff go well for me. (I gambled 10m at the time lost lux vendor and won big time).
My list of improvements:
18 Levels
Hrung QS helm (+7)
Occult Boots & Chest
Alcehmical legs (i hope i spelt that right)
Mord 185 str spear
180 fire axe offhand
190 scoundrels neck jewelry
2 hrung 175 braces
Reaper ring
190 trailblazer eagle ring (I think... that might change)
180 ring of valor

Thats just some of it, I now have about 3 mil gold, an extra of 200 of each sigil (645 and 456). I'm planning on lixing to 220 or so with a friend (hes also 191, and also a rogue) and idk what i need to focus on next, aside from lixing. I should have plenty of lixes to reach there (about 90 sks, 15 combos, + ill get more from daily rewards). What should my next plan of attack be? I do not have full DL, but i physically wont be able to get it for about the next 2 weeks, im missing chestplate, and both weapons. I am also unable to start EDL, for the same reason. Clan rules.

Re: My next goal:

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 3:28 pm
by MrsDredd
Lix to 200 and get a runic heat dmg ammy. It’ll keep you going right up until endgame. The 200 Valor rings aren’t half bad too. When you get to 200 ask your clan for some mighty prot braces (str dex attack, str vit attack) and hotswap rings like your life depends on it. I hotswap Gele rings for QS, Sneaky and Assass. But at 190 any rings that’ll get your skill points as high as possible Will do. Oh and ask for a mord helm. I’d drop the Hrung one really. Only the shadowatrike one is good and then only for lockers.