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Rogue Solo Dex Build

So my rogue is 117 now & being generally solo I have a hard time levelling. I have warden armor (working on meteor, nobody's selling the drops) & no good luck due to not having much gold. With that being said does anybody know a good dex build for soloing where I could stay alive and do some damage?
I'm currently running on 5 (125) str 300 dex 5 focus 295 vit just switched up a few min ago so I'm gonna test it. Skills I'm for sure maxing out sneak shadow & poison. Thoughts?
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Re: Rogue Solo Dex Build

At that lvl, get just enough bit where your never in trouble, then a 1:4 str/dex build to lvl. If you go full dex, get straight dmg rings to boost you dps or its gonna be a lot of drawn out fights.

Skills, my setup was ss qs ls and riposte maxed. Any other points went to poison weap to boost your attacks further. I used that for any leveling I did, and it worked till endgame. Sneaky is good for a first strike, but only use extra points, or none at all at that lvl.

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Re: Rogue Solo Dex Build

I’d have to disagree with last post. My last rogue I made I leveled pretty quick using riposte, qs, ss, double attack and then rest of points in rend. I went more towards the 3:2 ratio str to dex. But I also had a damage set for lvl 100 then changed to poison set at 140. I had pet and mount and soloed all the time with a combo armor and haste lix. Now with food, good for damage and you could even go 1:1 ratio if you use baras or spinach pancakes to lix. Just make sure you have good hp off combo so you don’t die a lot to save on food

Re: Rogue Solo Dex Build

Romeo wrote:
Shivahh wrote:I did
1:2 str dex in carrow
More str than dex everywhere else

There is no right or wrong in terms of level builds it comes down to preference and how players customize their gear

Just watched you solo Ymir. Very cool!

Thanks :)
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