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I'm not sure if anyone else is noticing but, over the last few weeks I've noticed that on my server there is no Rangers pushing endgame anymore in fact all the endgame rangers ik have been playing for 1-3 years and the Rangers that are trying to make the transition make it to about level 120-160 and stop when I started the game the highest level ranger I knew was level 133 which was 7 months ago, 7 months later he is level 159. In my whole celtic heroes career I've only ever seen one ranger make the jump to endgame, and she also happens to buy a huge play buyer, I have also made the jump, but it took a lot of hard work, now the only classes I see making the jump to endgame are warriors and rouges not very many mages but definitely a lot more than Rangers. Most of you endgame players probaly know that when you get endgame most people like making alts right? Well so far there has been absolutely no ranger alts and yes we have a massive clan, the alts we do have are mostly rouges and druids rouges because they are easy to level and druids because they are extremely useful, (probably the most useful class in game). The one big reason I think OTM isn't fixing the ranger is because, one: there isn't that many Rangers left so why not appeal to the majority ie) rouges. I've heard thousands of rants on the rants forums even a petition on the petition forums and some rants in the ranger class forums a lot of which date back to 2013, so do I think OTM will ever fix the ranger class? No, if they didn't listen to all the feedback people have been giving them for the past few years, why would they listen now?

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Rangers are not exactly the fastest class to level nor the cheapest. It takes a lot more lixes and therefore time and money to level them unless you find a group which I have always had a problem with due to the fact nobody wants the mediocreness of the ranger in their group leeching xp...
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Yep lol, I pretty much soloed my way up, I cost thousands of restos and double the amount superknows, than If i group leveled. Which was annoying yes, but I know and everyone else knows that ranger isn't the hardest class to level there's also druid which happens to be the most useful class in the game, initially what I thought was if I put all that effort in Id get rewarded much like the druid class, unfortunately all im needed for is bolas.

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Well Bolas has saved us from numerous bosses when raging, when almost wiping, and made the 170 doable when he didn't have 2 tanks.

Visit the druid forum. You'll see no one wants to group with them either. Lol
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I hate having my class revolve around one skill (bolas), and if you read my post above I clearly said rangers are not the only class that is tough to level in fact I think druid is even harder to push endgame! But you have to look at the input/output, put in all that extra work in to your druid and bam your the most useful class and are essential to any endgame boss in almost every situation, ranger put in all the hard work and all we are really needed for is bolas and only when there isn't a proper tank available.

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I agree rangers are broken, but I really dont get ppl who dont want to group with a certain class. I wish there would be more druids at my lvl so I can lvl with them, I see it becoming a problem and I know that we need them, I do wish I had at least a high enough lvled alt to lvl with the 180's.

Come to Belenus, lvl to my lvl, I accept any class :P
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Towards the end of v4, belenus had a surge in rangers. Not mains, but people who have endgame warriors and rogues made rangers (including myself) and really enjoyed the change. I love my ranger, knowing that it will never be the "best" at dps or at survivability but I think it's pretty fantastic being a secondary dps with support capabilities i.e. bolas entangle light heal

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I totally agree entangle lightheal and bolas are useful, just like any other skill they are all meant to be useful! But with that being said, yes these 3 skills are one of the more "useable" skills, entangle is great for any endgame boss it cuts the targets attack speed in half, it's great for keeping the main tank alive, bolas is a great alternative for when you can't find a decent tank, but personally I hate kiting. Light heal is an amazing skill, not as high of a heal as nature's touch, but it has an amazing cast time so I can save money on Restos while leveling. We have great support skills, now let's look at our dps skills :) sharpshot D: 1200 dex full maxed sharpshot and I stil can hit as low as 900, which makes explosive arrow look promising since it hits around 3k. Longshot, the last time I remember using this skill was around level 100-140 with my dex build, I noticed the damage was decent but since I could only cast it once on a mob it wasn't really worth it since after I land longshot the only other dps skill I have would be sharpshot :O and with a dex build your autos are not that good. Sharpen weapons a skill most people use to increase their auto damge unfortunately this skill was meant to be a support type skill meaning it is greatly nerfed my sharpen weapons adds 116damage 45/50 and a rouges poison weapon 45/50 adds 135 poison damage. For all of you that of you that are unaware poison damage is iresistable my every mob/boss except necro (not sure about tower mobs). Steady aim adds more damage than sharpen weapons but also adds attack which is great! I think I have covered just about every ranger skill that an average ranger uses, I don't think anyone uses meditate or anything like that. But going back to steady aim and sharpen weapons I would much rather have lure of assasins than both skills combined if you take away a mobs pierce resistance it means your auto can hit up to your dmg on the stat page that is pierce, for me I have about 2000 of my dmg as piece and my total dmg is about 2700 and I usually hit about 1k-1.4k with a lure even if all my damage was pierce on my stat page and was only 2000 I'd still do more damage. Also going back to poison weapon vs sharpen weapons, when is the last Time you've seen a rouge use poison weapon? Rouges have so many great dps skills poison weapon seem mediocore to them and we Rangers are reduced to using a skill that is far more mediocore. I agree that us ranger should not have equal dps as mages or rouges but our support skills aren't enough of an excuse to give us garbage dps skills.

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Zyz wrote:Wow, Iman. Huge wall of text and very hard to read as written.

That's me when I'm forced to read a book._.
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