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Re: How long does bolas last?

While I don't know the exact amount, I do know that once I maxed it out, enemies are basically crawling they're going so slow. I'll also say this: even before I maxed out bolas (I think it was at level 11) I was able to solo level 56 enemies when I was only level 26! If you combine bolas and rapid shot, you can take out enemies twice your level, especially if you kite them. This is just my suggestion, but I say make strength your primary stat, I have mine at 120 at level 38, and 35 on my other stats, which I'm going to make 40 before working on more strength. With maxed out bolas and level 8 sharp shot, I have enough focus to take on two enemies before recovering some, so I'm thinking 40 focus is a good amount, but maybe a more experienced player can have some other suggestions.

Re: How long does bolas last?

I don't know the exact time either but I time it by other skills. I bolas first, fire off sharp, normal hit until sharp cools down, then sharp again and bolas immediately after. I found that Bolas will expire 1/2 way through the second sharp cooldown. I think Bolas' cooldown was slowed a little bit in the update, I used to be able to fire off 3 sharps before bolas expired now its two.

My stats are 165, 60, 80, 130. I have a amulet of rejuvenation, so now I really don't need that much into focus. I was thinking of respecing focus to 60 and adding 20 to strength.
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