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Re: How to play CH on your computer

Just tried it, runs perfectly. Once I tried to play Celtic Heroes with another Android emulator, but even in the lowest graphic settings the game was laggy, the sound was scratchy and the keyboard settings often stopped working, so I gave up. But this is fine, thanks. Perfect for fishing / farming when I can't use my tablet.

Re: How to play CH on your computer

IKFROMMABON wrote:Really good video. Thank you

Glad it was useful to you :)

Regenleif wrote:
spacemod wrote:Does this work on the mac as well? :?:

There are many great android emulators, BlueStacks is one of the worse IMO :roll:

Use your favorite search engine to query "Android emulator mac"

Yes I believe the same thing applies with mac, I wasn't aware Bluestacks was inferior to other emulators as it works well for me. Please let me know if you find something indefinitely better
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