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Re: Which super power and why?

Bitey wrote:
NUKE MAGE wrote:
Bitey wrote:Invulnerability & super strength, so I can go hug and play with wild animals like lions and bears.

Thats two powers tho he said power not powers ._.

But Superman has super strength, invulnerability, flying, AND heat vision. I'm only asking for two. But ok fine. make me weak to like Kryptonite or something because it's not real.

Eh? Why ya bringing up superman? We talking about what power we would be not what super hero we would be, which also confuses me why ya said to make ya weak to krptonite since we arent talking about which suprer hero we would be and of course krpto isnt real why would you mention that. >.>
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Re: Which super power and why?

Honestly the super power that I think would be really cool to have is super speed. Like the Flash super speed. I just think it would be awesome to be able to do things that are normally a pain, in under a second lol. Also, you could learn a lot, because with the power to speed yourself up, you could literally read all the books in the library in under an hour. You could be a super genius, fight crime, and never have to worry about housework again.
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Re: Which super power and why?

If any superpower i wanna be able to stop time. Imagine what all u can do when time will be stopped XD. U would be able to do everything u want and it wouldnt cost u any time becuase it will be stopped XD

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