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Is Clash of Clans the Most Overrated Game?

I played this game for around an hour last night, and it was nothing compared to what my friends were calling it. Surprised that many go inactive on Celtic Heroes for this.

First off, you only start off with two builders, to acquire more builders you need gems, gems cost $$$, only other way it looks like you can earn them is through challenges. (usually 5 gems/challenge)

The gameplay doesn't involve the player much. You tap on an area to launch troops, you cannot direct them to destroy a specific structure/enemy, they create their own path.

There should atleast be heroes that you can command on games like these.

This game is nothing but a glorified FarmVille. Why do people play it? Am I missing out on a hidden feature here?
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Re: Is Clash of Clans the Most Overrated Game?

If I could high five you I would. One of my friends got me to download it. I was like what's the hype? Ended up deleting it. I love my Celtic (just having the crash issue).
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Re: Is Clash of Clans the Most Overrated Game?

Advertising, it had a massive funding behind it and due to its simplistic / similar game play mechanics it gained a lot of funding.

Investors don't really care about amazing game play mechanics they want to see something they know and that will make money.

Which is why you see so many games follow the similar game play mechanics in terms of Clash of clans etc.
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Re: Is Clash of Clans the Most Overrated Game?

It's pretty fun if you play with friends in the same clan, especially once you start doing wars. I stopped playing awhile ago since there is a cap where progression is way too slow without spending money constantly.

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Re: Is Clash of Clans the Most Overrated Game?

Loco cola wrote:I think castle clash would be more your style! Try it out OP?

I did clash of clan for years, but it ended that it was too much time consuming and boring.
To the OP, nowadays you definitively can play with no cash on clash of Xian, as you get free gems everyday, and trust me getting thousand of them is really easy, way more than doing special offers hahaha:D hint hint muldar :D
... Kidding..

But clash royale... Omg... This was good idea... But ways too much cash consuming!

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Re: Is Clash of Clans the Most Overrated Game?

Clash of Clans was my very first game I played on the Ipad. I loved it as first, but, after a bit (probably a year or a little over) I was immensely bored of the game. I didn't care for placing troops in an area then having no control over them at all and was hoping the developers would change that aspect. Then I found Celtic and have been playing ever since spring/summer of 2012.
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