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Re: How many credits req for HS grad?

PurpleRain wrote:
Jonsa wrote:When I was in high school I was required 50.

50 whoa, what State is that?
I think I left with 47.5. Would have to check my transcript 2014.

New Jersey. Only went there for second semester of my Senior year and they gave me slack since they required 110 and from my school back in CA I only would get 52. Thanks to it being April when I went there, I was able to have the required credits.
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Re: How many credits req for HS grad?

PurpleRain wrote:Friend of mine couldn't believe the HS requirements of my State of New York. It is 44 credits minimum. ..
What are your High School requirements/ credits in your State needed in order to graduate High School?

https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source= ... TBazJkpPsQ

44?? Omg that seems lie a lot loll I had no idea.. entering senior year now so..just crossing my fingers I have enough lol
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