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Panama papers

What are your thoughts on this issue. What do you believe will happen to the politicians who have been hiding there money. Will laws get stricter for tax havens. How do you think the public is going to react that 1000+ us companies have been storing money there etc.

Re: Panama papers

I don't think many people have heard of it after I read the article I asked some relatives the next day if they heard about it and all of them said no so i'm not sure
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Re: Panama papers

TrueHatred wrote:I don't think many people have heard of it after I read the article I asked some relatives the next day if they heard about it and all of them said no so i'm not sure

It's exposing big companies taking advantage of loopholes so they can avoid paying taxes in the USA or other countries that have high taxes. A lot of it isn't illegal but shows the murky grey area as people can use these offshore havens for money laundering. This is done by tht Panama company creating a shell company and hiring board of directors to try and avoid any type of trail. But with this leak that is no longer the case. This case also embarrassed many polticans and I believe the priminister or president of Iceland stepped down because of this incident

Re: Panama papers

Recently, National Inquierer wrote an article alleging that Ted Cruz has had affairs. Long story short, Donald Trump was accused of planting the story, because of his friendship with the owner of the magazine. The problem with this is that OTHER news outlets have had this story. For Months. it was even tweeted about under a kind of code name of "The Thing" months ago. And the media sat on it.

When something like the Panama Papers comes out, you better believe ... there are forces at work, way higher then any of us, that let it happen. This isn't some dude with a couple of USB sticks running out of a building where he has copied the data and nervously contacting CBS or NBS News telling them "I have information that the world needs to know." No, this was purposeful. it was strategic. It was orchestrated. And the news corporations were told to run it, and they did.

Whether the substance of the Panama Papers are completely accurate (have no reason to doubt they are) , or not ... this was a hitjob. 100%. An information hitjob. Hell, Putin's name is all over the cover of my local newspaper about this ... and guess what ... there is absolutely ZERO evidence (at least up to now) that he is involved. Why is his name mentioned then? Why do i see his picture along with others below the headline? Because it's a smear tactic. This is propoganda. Putin very well might be guilty of this type of thing, and even other types of things, but as far as facts are concerned, Putin's name ... is NOT mentioned (at least up to now) in any of the data.

A muscician he knows is. thats all.

well, pehaps he funneled the money through the musician to hide his name? hey, thats a theory. problem is ... up to now .. thats all it is ... a theory with NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT IT ..., yet Putins name is being associated with the papers.

This is pure political information warfare. Not saying its not true ... what I'm saying is ... this stuff just didn't leak ... it was allowed to leak .. and it was meant to leak ... and there is a purpose why it leaked that goes WAY beyond standing for truth and justice. It's political warfare, information warfare.

Re: Panama papers

Man the US makes Putin appear as a bad guy but why is only the US and the Uk the only ones who accuse him of untruthful accusations? Like the whole Crimea thing. If he was the aggressor he would've invaded. Every other country has no problem with Russia. War is coming very soon that's why there's been constant military and UN movement in the US like never before.

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