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Re: Back to School

My senior year I'll actually have a lot more time than my sophomore year I just finished. Going back to school at sept 1st and taking the SAT at Sept 2nd, going to finish the driving license I delayed and go back to the gym hopefully. Hmmm , maybe a job?
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Re: Back to School

Hogana wrote:well i have some bad news, i already injured myself.
yay for shin splints

I am running XC to but my school doesn't start for like a week (day after labor day)

better hit your shins with those Ice Shards

School is boring and im already behind on my summer assignments im suppose to be writing like three English essays on crime and punishment, 10 Spanish compositions of Spanish poets and a huge math packet and math essay I really feel screwed.

Sometimes I feel like dropping out joining the military and getting shot fighting people who came to power with the help of my government

that digressed pretty quickly

Good Luck
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Re: Back to School

Been at school for almost a month..... Nothing wrong with it except it is cutting into by ch time :o :cry:
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Re: Back to School

In Australia nsw I'm currently going through the rigorous preliminary exams which is like the second biggest one in the whole schooling until the final end of high school exam, this goes until Wednesday next week and then I'm off school for two and a half weeks, woop!
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Re: Back to School

I'm a senior now, 17, I play varsity football, varsity lacrosse, all since sophomore year. I drive a rusty 2000 Nissan Maxima se. (And to the above, if you drop out the military won't take you unless you have a diploma). And I'm on the delayed entry program so after high school I'm going into Air Force boot camp. I'm planning to either do para-rescue, or SERE specialists. I work at a sub shop, and my gf thinks I'm funny. But a childish funny.
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