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Re: Protein powder/shakes!

Are you trying to trim fat or gain muscle? Protein shake if you're bulking, whole foods to fill you up if you're trimming. Search ab exercises really you cant go wrong as long as you feel your ab muscles being worked and feel the burn, crunches can be done anywhere, if you're at the gym then just use any ab machine really it doesnt matter as long as you go hard and feel them being worked. Remember good form first, easier to work the muscle that way.

Or ignore the above advice and click on those diet pill ads, they seem legit
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Re: Protein powder/shakes!

I didnt like working out with machines when I went to the gym (ahhh missing my shape), I felt like workouts with lower use of machines is better for me, mostly for my abs. I used to workout with my friends, and they had a killer abs workout that did the job very well, we never did that twice in a row (the muscle builds while in rest) so it would be once every 2 workouts (I used to do 3-4 times a week, 4 is if I had time, 3 was a must).
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Re: Protein powder/shakes!

Crunches/situps are bad for your back, your are best off with workouts such as seated twists with your back and legs in the air, any continuous motion with your legs and back raised but not moving your bavk up and down.

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Re: Protein powder/shakes!

Just be careful about what you buy :)

Sports like swimming, rowing and other full-body exercises are great for building some muscle without bulking up too much - otherwise exercising just the groups you want will suffice.

Learning the anatomy of the key muscles can really help (I find). If you know what they do, you can adapt your exercises and work out the best order to exercise groups.

Remember - diet and drinking plenty of water is also important. :)

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Re: Protein powder/shakes!

Confessions wrote:But the biggest thing of all...if there is fat in the area you are trying to slim down/pack in more muscle...try and loose the fat first or the muscle will build up underneath and make you look "fatter" than you really are

Not really building muscle burns fat. When you Build muscle you are busting down fat longer the just cardio. When you stop cardio fat break down stops when you build muscle it well break down fat for some time after you done lifting. And I'm not saying do not try to lose fat and just work on muscle in saying you don't have to focus purely on losing the fat before working on muscle.
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Re: Protein powder/shakes!

just a quick tip, mix it with chocolate milk (if you can, or just by the chocolate flavored versions.)
This is because is has more shugar and is absorbed by the body much quicker.
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