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Re: Stupidest decisions ever made on ch?

yakat wrote:
Criminal wrote:I got an offer of 3.25M for my reaper although I wouldnt sell it....

Spending lots of gold on chests / not selling my midnight for 2.5M.

I got offered 5m for my reaper. Not a bad decision.

Yea I wouldnt sell it anyway, but Im sorry that I couldnt sell my midnight for 2.5M when Ive been offered that.
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Re: Stupidest decisions ever made on ch?

RangerHalt wrote:Selling a golden camo for 185k as soon as OW came out.

Also selling bloodlust helm back to vendor to buy the new dmg helm that came out with OW....

Halt i didnt know you had a camo charm :0
My dumbest moment was when someone offered to buy me plat i said no but he said he'd report me so i did and lost that acc. was only a lvl 53 warrior and i now have my 115 rogue and proud owner of a new lvl 100 lux set :D
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