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Re: Help needed! Cosplay project!

If you want to use the swords for a long time, i would suggest getting them 3D printed out of plastic and painting them (remember primer and glaze!*)

*Even if the can tells you it doesn't need it.

As for your questions...

Is 1cm thick a good piece of wood for a project like this?

Yes, if you are ok with less detail on the handle.

How can i paint the edges silver without screwing up the black paint on the rest of the blade, would masking tape work?

I would do everything in black then remove the edges with a hand file anf put them back by hand with a paintbrush.

Any tips on how to make this easier/ less expensive for me?

Buy scraps of wood from large companies? Also, try to get wood with a very fine grain, preferably a hardwood.

Also, refer to the top passage for painting.
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Re: Help needed! Cosplay project!

Just got all my materials:

1/2 or 3/4 in thick (i forgot which), 3.5in wide and 3.5ft long poplar planks
paint primer
fine sandpaper block (for filing the sides to give it the blade edge look)
paint masking tape
very fine sandpaper block for smoothing
Jig Saw
2 circular pieces of wood (i think there are called dowel pieces or something like that?)

My plan is to sketch the blade on the wood, i will use all 3.5ft for the handle, base and blade of it.

As for the handle, im considering a few options.

1. Cut the handle out of the main piece of wood, so that the sword is all once. And then cut my dowel piece of wood in half and attach a piece to each side of the main piece.
2. Cut the blade and handle separatly and drill a hole in the bottom of the blade and then a hole on the top of the handle and then use a double sided screw/aluminum rod (which would be better?) and then use wood glue.

Which option would be better and more durable for the handle?^
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Re: Help needed! Cosplay project!

Oo have fun at the comic con, we had something similar here but im not one who goes to these things with costumes, also the community here for animes/mangs and gaming is different.
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Re: Help needed! Cosplay project!

Having only cosplayed once, I can only offer my own findings.

I dressed up as Sivir from League of Legends and created a massive (it was up to my shoulder!) "boomerang blade".

I created it from multiple parts of foam boards - I imagine wood is going to be really heavy (mine was heavy enough as foam).

I had a centre piece which was two bits of this foam board together, each of the "swords" (bits that stick out) had a centre foam board to it and then two smaller bits each side to give the detail. Used masking tape to take them into place then paper mache'd the whole thing, which added the curvey surface and a lot more structure to it. You can paper mache a few times in order to create strength but once was enough over the masking tape to hold it all together for mine.

Then I gave it a base spray painting in grey before painting over it in gold (twice) and then put my final blue details over the top with stencils made from card. I imagine you might have to do create stencils and avoid the space you want to place them when you're painting it black since it'll be nightmarish to get it to show up over black unless you coat it a few times - but I think there's special metallic paint that shows up quite well for highlights. I done a few white highlights on the jewel in the middle and the white went over the deep blue fine.

Linky to pics

The whole thing set me back about £100. It was my first time creating anything, so I made quite a few mistakes and used a lot of foam boards !

Hope this helps, if you want any more info feel free to send me a PM :)

Edit: Just saw your post saying you bought all the wood - Good luck anyway!


Re: Help needed! Cosplay project!

Awesome! Would love to see your sivir cosplay overall! Did you just do the classic sivir? the picture looks like warrior princess but im not sure (i dont play sivir much, and when i do i use her snowstorm skin)! I just traced my sword on the board! About to jig saw it out and then use a belt sander to file the edges.

If you plan on cosplaying again as a league champion, let me know! I was planning on doing a debonair ezreal somewhere down the road as i look like him a bit (i got the blondish hair). Maybe you can be taric :lol:
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