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Re: your top 5 movies

Dopeehead wrote:
DRoberts wrote:1. Act of Valor
2. Saving Private Ryan
3. Green Mile
4. Shutter Island
5. Purple Rain

Green mile, one of my favorites ;)

Green mile was an okay movie, but it was nowhere as good as shawshank redemption, that was one heck of a legendary movie.
Wattzon of Sulis

Re: your top 5 movies

DRoberts wrote:You sir have completely lost your mind. Green Mile is more than just a "okay movie."

Although the theme was good i think it was stretched too much. The comedic scenes in the movie were average.

Just saying that compared to shawshank redemption (Screenplay by Frank Darabont who also did the screenplay for green mile) this movie was average.
Wattzon of Sulis

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