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Favorite Youtubers?

Some of my favorites whom I've been watching a lot of recently are UberHaxorNova, TheCreatureHub, Jacksfilms, M3RKMUS1C, IAMWILDCAT, MrTechnicalDifficult, and Vitalyzdtv. What are some of yours?
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Re: Favorite Youtubers?

H20 delerious, vanoss, nigahiga, thegaminglemon, Jenna marbles, lui calibre, pewdiepie and SMOSHH :mrgreen:
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Re: Favorite Youtubers?

PewDiePie, TheSyndicateProject, MineplexOfficial, BrenyBeast, Aureylian, Mychonny, superwog, Ali-a, MaxMoefoe, Howtobasic (just to name a few)
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Re: Favorite Youtubers?

Well, i actually like to look at minecraft videos for inspiration,before i work on a new project (i also just try and build what i imagine to give me visuals)
So, EthosLab.
I've also watched some smosh videos.
Ive been meanibg to try pewdiepie soon.

Furtgermore, i have my own channel and am wanting to upload some ch stuff.
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Re: Favorite Youtubers?

I don't watch youtube as much as I used to >.>

Yogscast, Mrhappy1227, Totalbiscuit and AngryJoe are about all I watch nowadays...and yogscast have so many members now I barely watch them anymore ^^
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