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Re: Question about outer space

Twi wrote:
be0wulf wrote:Does space end or is it infinite? I had a math teacher that said there was no such thing as infinity but when i look at space that statement dosnt make any sense to me.

In my opinion your mathematics teacher needs to go back to university all math teacher should have a concept of infinity. Second, the current more believed scientific theory is continuously expanding from one point (The Big Bang) and it is also backed up by some kind of evidence of everything moving farther away from each other. Defying the law of gravity there is some huge debate about it, but to skip to the end they believe that in the end of the universe everything will be scattered completely away from everything and all suns will be burned out. Answering your question, no the universe is not infinite, it is just eternally expanding at a rate that we will never be able to reach it's border without going to a new dimension/reality. This is because if we were to reach the end you would have to go outside and anything outside of the universe isn't our defying the laws of this universe making you in another dimension.

^^Summary to that- No the universe is infinitely expanding, not infinite but INFINITELY EXPANDING!!

I learnt more in this post, than the months of astrophysics I was forced to digest in high school...

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