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Re: Write a poem or rap here!

WOW! this post took off!
thanks so much for your posts everyone... and nodnarb... damnnnnn... you got serious skill.. i couldnt choose one to say was the best because i thought they all where amazing.. # 4 fan right here
"lmfao on the ride taeo without a saddle verse"

and i laughed my way through the 6 pages of awesome poems and raps everyone... they where great!

lol this one cracked me up

" roses are red
violets are blue
i have a gun
get in the van "

i love learning new roses are red violets are blue ones..

ill post some stuff soon.


Re: Write a poem or rap here!

ifinity taking his time
get unfathomable real here, coz im about to commit crime
i'll punch ya'll hard
you chocolate eclair *** are gonna go claim
but blood will be pouring through your veins
i make this unfathomable rain
level up more, gain the power to *** me hard
and i'll be sure to be on my guard
just stop bein a tard
and get me off the driver seat
coz im turning that meter to the heat

like jay on the other side of the bay
smoking hay doing wheelies gays
lets start some unfathomable to lay me out of my say
(I hope someone shuts me up, coz i suck and big talk too much :D, infinty bro drops some bars! or else i'll ....... SING OPREAS!)

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

Samn wrote:Imma really crappy rappa so I just wanna say
Keep mean comments to ya self cuz I'm just here to play
Pep schooled taeo like he was a frickin professor
At a college pwnin a stupid schizo cross dressa
when pep drops a rhyme taeo's out on the run
Cuz peps bazooka rhymes make his look like a squirt gun
So get outta peps house taeo he's just to good.
You think ur his rival? He's fire, you're wood.

Thats not bad :)
World: Lugh
GingerKing - Warrior [Tank] Lv 92!+
Gingersrogue - Rogue [DPS] Lv 73+
GingerHealz - Druid [Support] Lv 67+

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

Nodnarb wrote:If its a challenge you make
Then it's a challenge I take
I'm glad your upfront not being a fake
But there's one thing you should know the PvP field is mine
Ya'll be coming after me like I commited a crime
But I won't run I make my stand
And you'll run in fear as I mark you with my DrPepper brand
I'm a farm boy and I'll heard you like cattle
Hop on TEAO's back and ride him without a sattle
I'm thrilled you got the courage to challenge us all
It's only me you got to worrie about as I watch you all fall.

best unfathomable ever :) +5
World: Lugh
GingerKing - Warrior [Tank] Lv 92!+
Gingersrogue - Rogue [DPS] Lv 73+
GingerHealz - Druid [Support] Lv 67+

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

MikeShot2 wrote:I'm a f-ckin' walkin' paradox, no I'm not
Threesomes with a astonishing' triceratops, Reptar
Rappin' as I'm mockin' deaf rock stars
Wearin' synthetic wigs made of Anwar's dreadlocks
Bedrock, harder than a muthaf-ckin' Flintstone
Makin' crack rocks outta pissy fishbone
About five-seven of his *** in my bedroom
Swallow the cinnamon, I'mma scribble this sin and unfathomable
Taeo, shut the *** up
Here's the number to my therapist
Tell him all your problems, he's f-ckin' awesome with listenin'
I'm clockin' three past six and goin' postal
This ain't no V Tech unfathomable or Columbine
But after bowlin', I went home to some damn Adventure Time

that was sick as unfathomable, damn man mike you so slick and so quick as quack with the rap attack.
you tha astonishing mac- daddy- o makin fun of tao hes so gay though.
i dont blame you, i like to put his ass to shame too!

MikeShot2 wrote:Yonkers, Tyler the Creator
Oh and.....
Taeo called, he said he's sick of the disses
I told him to quit bitchin', this isn't a f-ckin' hotline
For a f-ckin' shrink, sheesh I already got mine
And he's not f-ckin' workin', I think I'm wastin' my damn time

nah man, your times spent well, you got rhythm and your rhymes are swell, when i read em its like im readin a spell.
as for gayo tao, hes got red by his croch but claims its a tomatoe.
i dont know what to say though.
mr stine needs to be dropped on a land mine, that gentleman's lost his damn mind.
he talks like the master, but actually hes a cotastrophe distaster, put him and his sin back in the alabaster, then get a a gun and blast her, plaster that basterd!

Infinity to me means forever.
it goes this way that way which way whatever
where better
where badder
we piss on kids all day cuz we got a big bladder.
im the chieft priest, the call me mad hatter.
i got allot of haters
but they all pa-taters
im a doer they just sayers
im a true onsayer
im a god damn slayer
i run this city
im tha big fat mayer
i got fine ***
im a rich ass player!
believe it or not, but i dont cay-er.

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

Raps are for pussys
so a poem i shall do
this poem was crafted from my mind
and then presented to you.
I am bored I am bored, its all i ever hear,
leveling up is all there is, and now im bored to the tear.
I have all wepons
I have all gold
I want new content
this game is getting old
I whine and i whine
but i am never heard,
how to gain attention
and achieve a private word
oh admin im done im through
call me when you have something new.

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

infinty thats some hard unfathomable :) mmm gimme some time here...

infinity means chocolate eclair to me
its like tryna get out the pvp zone and flee
keep unfathomable legit when i put you on your knee's and you wont even see!
its all down to someone giving you a hand
but in an instant it'll be your doing wheelies last stand
you think im nuts?
punch me in guts
you'll find yourself with scars and cuts
i'll kick ya butts
im all on the hype
raps not even my type

I dont role in a pack
Hit my ass hard when i get back
lemme just get myself a snack
all ya'll wack

(im soo doing wheelies bored, waiting for update, also the PS Vita, mail got me soo happy when the game and memory card came lol but vita comes tommorow :/)

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

Lmfao I loved it ^

Infinite chocolate eclair for me
get it from pamala Anderson lee
In the back of my canopee
while on vacation with my family
psyche just kiddin it's a fantasy
but I'll *** you and make you a fan of me
I'll put it In
In the kitchen
I bake it good
And you take it good
Eat my sausage and cut my wood
Girls you know you should
It's ya one chance to get out the hood.

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

haha :) i love it when u backfire xD

its all the same unfathomable
infinty is the little bit
i come from gokus super sayon three
so call me a doing wheelies gee
and none of ya'll try and lie
infinity tell your family i said hi
its like all these rhymes are gone dry
get me up in the air dropping unfathomable that'll make you cry
i'll make the *** u want all shy
i have little friend who says his lost his viganity
oh thats right his names inifinty!

getting rhymes from the top of my skull
but we all infinty's is all dull
get some more magnetic group of wanderers on the hunt
coz this unfathomable needs me when i rock the blunt
get back to the old runts!

ooo im done please someone slap me

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