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Re: Marvel vs DC

to the person who said batman vs ironman i never really saw this if ironman went to battle i picture lex luther fighting him since both are very similar. Xavier pshhh hes nothing martian manhunter would easily beat him hawkeye vs greenarrow green arrow would win do to different kinds of arrows. Any fight would be won by Dc no matter what.
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Re: Marvel vs DC

The reason im for DC is because marvel copy most of their ideas from DC. Like deadpool. Clear copy of death stroke. Hawkeye copy of green arrow. Iron man copy of batman. avengers copy of JLA. All of these DC made first and marvel then replicated

Re: Marvel vs DC

One of you said that he didnt like dc because superman was practically invincible. What do u call hulk and wolverine? Those are just two that come to mind. I like avengers but i like superman and batman a lot( at least i like the old batman not sure about the new) a lot. I do like captain America though.
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Re: Marvel vs DC

whats the problem with loving both? i have superheroes that i love on DC and on Marvel (im not superman/batman fan tho :) )
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Re: Marvel vs DC

Magixal wrote:Pigman it wasn't ignored it just didn't really warrant a response

Neil gaiman not warranting a response?
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