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Re: Songs U Don't Like

Eliminater wrote:I don't like Songz at all.


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Re: Songs U Don't Like

Worse than any song...

The Celtic Heroes audio soundtracks also drives me nuts, try running around in circles on your staff with full volume and foot step sound on. Try doing that without going crazy while your friend is hitting a mob with the random grunting noises...
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Re: Songs U Don't Like

all songs from justin bieber, carly rae jepsen or one direction.. and nicki minaj.. and more
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Re: Songs U Don't Like

Yo GabbaGabba!!! Ok i got u how about any Kidz Bop song from those commericals lol. They change the words around even tho some of the songs are still not for kids.
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Re: Songs U Don't Like

I hate any and all songs by Lil Wayne, Ace hood, Kanye west, all that unfathomable is so fake and overated. Federal rap is the wrst! I throw on some Tyler, the Creator, Eminem, or Hopsin, somebody who is gonna be real with people and not speak about how they are rich and famouse or always smoken blunts. Cuz imo idc how many girls you can get in bed lol
Now ill just sit back and wait for all the 13 year old kids to argue with me haha
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