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Re: I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

Ok this is my weirdest of chased by burglar dreams: I was working as a maid at a hotel. For some reason I would get into rooms by climbing ino windows from a window cleaner pulley. I went into a room and it looked like a little girl's princess room. All pink. The guy was in there, I don't understand what a grown man was doing in a pink princess hotel room. So he started chasing me, I ran down the hallway and the elevator was out of order. Somehow I ran down 20 flights of stairs in 5 seconds. So then I get to the bottom and into a crowded lobby. I run up to the receptionist lady and tell her i am being chased. Of course, my brain doesn't wan me to have good luck in a dream so ican only talk in a whisper. But she hears me and says "Why don't you try calling 911?" Se doesn't seem to care about the fact that I am being chased. So I use an old fashioned phone and I call the police, and for once in my dream life i called 911, thy sai they'll come right away and when they hung up I dropped the phone and ran outside and woke up.

Re: I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

One dream, I was playing "Sims Bustin Out" on a computer (its an Xbox(not 360) game.. I don't get why computer. ) and the grim reaper came up and a message popped up. It said something about a zombie. So then a zombie appears and starts chasing my sim. For some reason I'm scared by this and I turn it off. The zombie then came out of the scream and started chasing me! (Why do all my dreams involve being chased?) I then jumped down an entire flight of stairs to the bottom floor of my house. I then ran into the kitchen, but a deer was blocking the way to the couch. So I used a tiny food container(as in about the size of one hand) as a shield. For some reason it worked and i got to the couch and sat next to my mom and she didnt care. The zombie then caught up and grabbed my foot. He started picking at a scan on my foot and I woke up...

(They say you forget your dream within an hour but I have a million, some over a year ago, to share. :P)

Re: I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

Voldemort wrote:I sound so messed up but I actually like having nightmares :P

Could you explain why... lol sounds unusual creepy to me.

Lately I've been able to remember many more of my dreams, ever since I started reading about lucid dreams. aslo I've been having dreams about my old friends from grade school. summer vacation is in a week and a half and I miss them. pretty sure that whats triggering them into my dreams.

Re: I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

I usually remember dreams so well up to 30 minutes after a dream and then soon forget it later that day.
I once had a HIL-ARIOUS dream that actually made sense while dreaming. Then I woke up still thinking it was super funny.
Later that day, I completely forgot what the dream was; I only remembered that it was funny.

Oh and I had this crazy dream where my friend strung a ton of gumballs together and threw it in a playground and it started bouncing everywhere like crazy.

Oh and one time I was like a spy or something and I was spying in a house. Then a bad guy came in. So I picked up the house and smashed it on a toothpaste bottle. :?

Re: I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

I had several dreams once when i was able to fly, i would zoom around my house when ever i leant forward and jumped. Id hover and do what ever i want which was really cool
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