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I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

I'm bored and I feel like talkin about dreams so... I guess you can share your dreams and stuff here.

My most common dream is being chased by a person who broke into my house. I've learned to know "that feeling" that I am dreaming and he is about to come. But whenever I realise I am dreaming then i just panic and try to wake myself up, and then I accept that I just can't wake myself up so I wait for him to come, but I always finally wake up before I know what he wants from me... It is really annoying.

One really weird dream started out as a chased-by-the-burglar-dream. I started pout running away from him, I got the the back door and I noticed that there were four light switches. "I thought there were supposed to be three..." I said. Lightning flashed outside and I find myself in the middle of a pool at night in nowhere. Just a pool. I feel tickled on my stomach, then I got a stabbing feeling in my back, then I woke up. I was weird..

I could go on and on with my different chased dreams...

Re: I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

Pixxie wrote:Knowing that feeling that you are dreaming is the hard part. Knowing your dreaming alows you to control your dream. Use this to your advantage, you have control over that burglar in your dream. Try using some of your new super powers on him lol.

i was in control of my dream once. but my mind was kind of scrambled and everything was foggy. all i ended up doing was creating a crumbly cherry pie out of thin air. it was gooood... :lol:
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Re: I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

I remember most of my dreams lol. then can just wake myself up when realize its a dream... will tell a few here

most simple one I had is I was standing on a log in a pond and log turn green. the end :/

scariest one was me and some of my family went down into these maze like tunnels underground to find a monster (why? :/) then I stopped to look at a picture on wall, and looked back everyone was gone. I then heard monster coming and hid behind a door, but then realized it was a dream and also realized that in dreams the monster always finds you, and I was terrified of the thing grabbing the door and seeing me.... so I woke myself up and felt quite glad I realized it was a dream at that time and not later.

another was when I had my brother on my back and was simply walking along the footpath to somewhere and there were train tracks around 10 metres away next to footpath, I kept walking and saw a train coming, and strangely it looked as if it was far away, but right on the path I was. I then looked down and saw I was standing on the tracks, and was too afraid to move even, woke up right when train was like 1cm In front of me. it was horrible :(
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Re: I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

I hate how wen I am dreaming, I can't turn on lights. That is soo annoying. Once I managed to turn a light off, but couldn't get it back on. Also, whenever it is the burglar dream and I get to a phone, ill try to dial 911 but it always came up as 011 or 811... Then I would throw down the phone and contine to run away. It would feel like I'm running through molasses. I heard you run slowly in a dream because in reality, your body paralyses itself so what you so in a dream you don't act it in real life.. But it could a least let me run in my dream...

Re: I'm bored and feel like talking about dreams...

Dreams is like real life. It shares you a bit of reality of the situation,"If this happened this would happen and I would feel like this"

You cannot control your dreams in fact. And I know what that burgler wanted of you. >:D

But I cant say because, oh my, well, you dun wanna know.
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