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Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

Hogana wrote:Granted, but then another topic about someone starts up, starting the whole thing over again.
I wish that I could control time.

Granted but while time warping your body turns to spaghetti and you travel to another demension and eventually die because your organs have stopped

I wish I had an army of ducks :twisted:
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Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

I'mdead wrote:
Liviticus wrote:Granted.
I corrupted the widh of the op by not corrupting.

I wish for a cat that was lazy and didn't like anything.

Granted but... The cat dies from starvation because it was to lazy and didn't like to eat. You are very clever. XD

I wish the poster above me didn't make a wish. Tis uncorruptible.
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