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Forum Game: Last post wins!

I saw this game at another forum(3dsforums) and I thought it was a fun and cool idea.
So the rules are simple:
Who ever gets the last post(if every one stops posting) wins!
No spam
No bad words/insults
And nothing that may offend another user.
So basicly its a chat thread,wher you can talk with friends and on your way get a better rank here in the forums.

And one more thing,there is NO POST LIMIT.
And enjoy :)

Re: Forum Game: LAST POST WINS!

Last :D

Not so fast there, I WILL HAVE THE LAST POST!

*Maniacal laugh that lasts for 12 minutes*

Phew... Hang on a sec, need to breath...

*Continues maniacal laugh*
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Wow, I really need to level up....Time to grind!

Re: Forum Game: LAST POST WINS!

Voldemort wrote:It won't be locked it the posts are at least vaguely useful. For example, make sure your post has some content (e.g what you're doing; how your day was).

That leads me on nicely to Mmohealer's post - I deleted it because it took up way too much space and looked pretty useless to me :)

Thanks for that...it's annoying to scroll all the way down with my iPhone lol
Begining, since this is the Begining of a very long topic.
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