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Weapon ideas

There should be a totem that is in the shape of a totem and they should also have a staff that is pure bone that applies a strong amount of heat damage, cold resist, and makes ur pierce resistance lower by a little for druid. There should be crossbows and some kind of throwing dagger or knifes for ranger. Rouges should have some sort of claws and like a katana of some sort. Worriors are perfect. Mages should have gloves that enhance certain spells and they add skill points to certain spells (like rings).

Hope u like some of these ideas :D
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Re: Weapon ideas

Rangers:The quivers of rangers will have a special skill which allows the player to shoot a very high dmg arrow.
Warriors:An enchanced blade which can smite the enemies with pure light.
Mages:Gloves which can make a heat/ice wand(the wand will be appeared in the weapon slot).The trigger of the wand is to use the skill given from the gloves.
Druids:Staff of the Nature,it has a rejuvention ability and has focus bonus in compensation of the offhand,and it has large crushing dmg and gives a spell to stun the enemies 6 meters away from the player with roots.
Rogues:Dagger of Brutality(made from the fang of an unholy demon),it gives 5+ assasinate and it gives an aoe skill,which is the player will rush up to 3 enemies in 4 meters away,wounding them as the player approach the enemy.The player will take damage if the enemy attacks him/her.
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