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Has anyone else noticed how easy it is to detect spam members?
All you have to do is click their name when they show up under newest member and look at their info.
Their info always links to their spam website. They make the act of reporting their posts almost too easy...

Admin and dsgrendar, I hope you are keeping note of new members and their info, because it will make your job of deleting their spam easier.

Though, I must admit that some of their spam has been hilarious...
Rogue: Aisha
Druid: Melfina
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Re: Spammers...

I've just added an 'are you human' question to the registration, hopefully that will help reduce the number of spammers.

Some bots like Google Bot have been allowed, these allow google to index the posts in the public areas of the forums and are not related to the spam posts.

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