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Re: Lv

Wow 59 O.o Nice! Thanks for posting I wondered who was the highest in the game. Lots and Lots of grinding and killing Oxps so higher XPs will regen :(

Level: 57.5 lol
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Re: Lv

wow that is high the highest in epona is lv 57 but im only a lv 55 :D i hope to try and get on the leader board with you
Epona, fullcircle lv 100 rogue

Fingal, Gilberto1029 lv 94 druid

Re: Lv

Wow nice congrats. I'm just shy of 58 on my main. Decided to level up a few other chars in the meantime instead of really pursuing leveling the main after 57 exp slowed to pretty much a halt. 59 is impressive.

98 Warrior

Re: Lv

Nice I'm stuck at 55 but that's amazing you can get to 59. Hopefully after the update leveling will be easier and the max would be like 90 maybe? That should keep us busy for a good couple months.
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