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Re: questions about mage

sora88813 wrote:1-what is the best main hand for mage?

2- what is the best off hand for mage?

3-focus or vitality?

4-does the focus increases the mage's spell damage?

5-what does dexterity help the mage with?

i would like to hear your opinions :)

1. Void Wands from Gelebron
2. Exalted Dragonlord Grimoire or Runic Grimoire of Mystery
3. Yes ;)
4. Definitely
5. Increases a mage's defense stat which helps avoid auto attacks. Also increases attack stat which increases your chance to hit with auto attacks, in case your mage wants to melee, but I don't recommend it.

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Re: questions about mage

As dexerity increases your defence increases. Thus making spell interuptions less frequent from mobs (something usually used by Druids to land a natures touch when soloing)...not recommended for mages
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Re: questions about mage

1. Void firebolt skull is the best mainhand, BUT, if u can get even 15% cooldown reduction charm for firebolt and use gelebron wand it is a better combination than a firebolt skull and some weak charm (as charms are rather weak anyway, while wand is extremely powerful).
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Re: questions about mage

Probably void fb wand along with godly firebolt charm godly firestorm brace and godly iceshards brace would be better. Personally I'd prefer a 30% cooldown on fb seeing as its the best dps skill by a mile and therefore the 5% difference is greater.

I guess the two "ideal" endgame builds are:

1) void firebolt wand, godly firebolt charm, godly firestorm brace, godly iceshards brace (25% fb 30% shards 30% fs cooldowns)
2) void firebolt skull, godly iceshards charm, godly firestorm brace, godly mord fb brace (30% fb 25% shards 30% fs)

615 firebolt and 200 focus 5% shards cooldown from wand vs 500 ice magic, 10 skill points, 5% fb cooldown from skull

The rest comes down to how good the rest of your gear is; full dg set and 4 godly gele fb rings might favor the skull build. Close call either way, and not realistic regardless lol. Firebolt charms are a bit of a limiting factor, I know a lot of worlds didn't get any any godlies whereas shards seem to be more abundant
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