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Re: Mages need to deal more damage

admin wrote:Hi there, in the new update there are a bunch of new skills.

Mages are getting a new higher damage nuke and also area effect damage spells. This should make them more unique damage dealers and differentiate them from melee damage classes.


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Re: Mages need to deal more damage

The problem here is that the only way to invrease your damage is to invrease your lvl same goes for druids. Unlike all other classes whos damage goes up with lvl and depending on how much they have in strength.

I had an idea doubt it will be looked into much but instead of dexterity for spell caster cause as a druid i use strength do add to my dps. But get rid of dexterity for spellcasters and have a stat that increases magic damage.
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Re: Mages need to deal more damage

Pasting my post from General Discussions:

Hey guys, I'm sorry but I don't agree about the mages being underpowered.

As you can see in my signature, I have a character of each class, mage being my newest one. At my current level (52) and with low abilities (370 fire), I can take down any mob up to frostroots. I never could do that on any of my other chars, and you might say that it is because I have full warden and lux items, but I just tried to take down a Bloodgrove Fellbrother (80) totally naked, and succeeded. Please not that I was also being attacked by 2 extra white wisps, 2 stars each, which I also killed.

So, overpowered or underpowered? Just depends on your build.

Maybe mages get weaker when they reach level 80 or so, I don't know, but I doubt it. I'll see when I reach 80.

Re: Mages need to deal more damage

Bottom line is mages need more damage. The highest skill hit taking a lot of mana or all of it. This will make mages more significant. Mages deserve to be most powerful dps because in order to be a real effective mage you must spend plat on sigils and lux items. Also this would force mages to be mana hungry, whichs is what a mage should need instead of a lot of vitality.

Re: Mages need to deal more damage

Well, Thats an easy math question. Just work out the ratio. But I am assuming that you are just throwing numbers out there for an example. I don't know how they are calculating damage or what goes into it but it is not by ratio to armor. Otherwise mages would be at the top. Also, mages should have more resist againt magic, ice, fire attacks and less against mellee attacks. But more damage is the key. It is needed or mages will die out.

Re: Mages need to deal more damage

keridwyn wrote:
Aengus wrote:Blaze,

You make a good point about warriors. Honestly, I am just frustrated by constantly running into the following scenario:

See a mob. Run up and start casting Ice Shards. Wait. Wait. Wait. Warrior runs in and kills the mob in one shot. Wait. Get message "Target is dead".

Like I originally said, something needs to be done. I am just not sure what.

I hate that. And I like to lead with ice shards or lure because once you are getting hit, you are unlikely to be able to cast it without interruption.

One suggestion, instead of waiting for Shards to cast is to, instead, begin a battle with say Lure of Fire. It does absolutely no damage itself, but it will attract the Mob. It also aids both Cloak and Fire Bolt. Then try to cast Shards. Sometimes, as the Mob is running over to pound on you, it will cast without interruption.

Also, since the mob, if he is a mob that runs to attack you, runs at you, others in the area will see this and decide if they choose to KS you or not. But it will be clearer then. Just some suggestions.

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Re: Mages need to deal more damage

admin wrote:Hi there, in the new update there are a bunch of new skills.

Mages are getting a new higher damage nuke and also area effect damage spells. This should make them more unique damage dealers and differentiate them from melee damage classes.


Big deal. We both know you have no idea what you're doing.

It's been obvious since day one that OTM has no clue how to develop this class. In CH mages are just slow under-armored ranged tanks. We have the worst armor, the weakest weapons, the highest energy costs, the slowest skills... the list goes on. Mages are supposed to be fast heavy damage dealers, not slow weak meat shields. We have zero agro control (calm, taunt, distract), we have no ability to slow or stop a mob from moving (bolas, roots), even the range of our skill attacks are pathetic. Every skill besides fire bolt is easily interrupted. What is the point of being skill based if your skills are crippled in combat?

OTM get a goddamn clue. Right now mages are a worthless class. Cloak of fire isn't enough to justify an entire class... Stop making useless skills like energy boost. Stop making useless weapons like the meteoric wand. Stop giving bosses enormous resists for fire and ice. Instead of thinking of ways to keep mages in check, try thinking of ways to validate this class. If you don't want mages to be tanks then stop orienting our skills and stat usefulness to that end. Look at rangers, you did a decent job there. They can heal, do outstanding dps, slow mobs, attack from a great distance, and so on. Think more 'rangers with magic' and less 'naked tanks with terrible dps.'

Let me just reiterate: mages are slow, weak, and pointless. "Unique damage deal[ing]" isn't gonna cut it, especially when you give everything huge resists to mage specific damage. Just like the Six Million Dollar Man mages need a rebuild. You have the technology. You can make them better than they were. Better... stronger... faster.

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