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Druid leveling guide level 125 version will update as I level myself. Remembe to reply if you have any new ideas! Enjoy

First I will talk about the recommended skills, stats, and items for a druid.
Please note that you may use whatever you want, these are just my recommendations
Strangling vines, this dot skill does great amounts of damage!!!
Nature's touch,awesome heal that is great for healing yourself or your group!!!
Lightning strike, great because good damage and no cast time so no interruptions!!!
Storm touch, this is a hard to get, but if you get this skill, it is the most damage skill!!!
Shield of bark,the perfect skill for any druid who needs extra armor!!!
Grasping roots, this skill is essential for any druid who just wants to attack from a distance and not get hit!!!
Nature's embrace, use as an alternative for grasping roots if you want too!!

For a druid, you want a 3 focus 2 vitality ratio, strength and dexterity are not needed for druids quite as much, however you can put a tiny bit into dexterity for dodging

Items: I recommend getting a totem instead of a staff as soon as possible so you can get a Regen offhand as totems are 1 hand, for jewelery you want some energy Regen stuff

Pretty much a very useful tip:
Find friends and a clan, they help you, you help them. Finding people you can trust is a very important in this game

And now, my friends, the feature presentation!
These may not be exactly placed by level, but roughly and rounded to 5 or so sometimes, sorry

Level 1 - 25) follow main quest up to shalemont, but don't go through yet
Level 25-30) deaths caress in dustwither catacombs
Level 30-50) shalemont main quest while stopping to level on mobs every few quests
Level 50-55) stonevale faeries near farm
Level 55-60) half of stonevale main quest while stopping to level on mobs from time to time
Level 60-65) south stonevale
Level 65-70) rest of stonevale main quest
Level 70-75) bloodgrove druids
Level 75-80) otherworld eyes
Lvl.80- 85) ow quest line while stopping to lvl on mobs on the way
Lvl85-90) monster loch repeatable
Lvl 90-95) ow quest line-stop when you get warrant quest
Lvl 95-105) warrant repeatable
Lvl 105-110)quickthorn trees
Lvl 110-115)oakheart trees
Lvl 115-125) get to razorclaw quest(carrow part of ow quest line) and repeat it

About the author of this guide-in-progress
I am jonah e and I am a level 125 druid and a level 28 mage in sulis, I'm a loyal member of the clan evolution, and that's about all for now lol! :) Have a good day all you readers!

Re: Druid leveling guide level 125 version will update as I level myself. Remembe to reply if you have any new ideas! En

At some point outlet get into the sewers and you will talk to one of the smugglers about cargo caches and hawkhurts chests.
Hawhurst chests are rare and seem to drop from Hawkhurst Blackblades.
Keep watching the sewers opposite the smugglers den. There is a guy in there, Final the Fleet who gives a quest for Drevin the Dreadful.
The quest starts at the Smuggler on the immediate right as you enter the den, on the platform, he’ll say something about the master poisoner.
When you start an exclamation point will light up in the sewers on Final. Go see him.
Then you get Drevin who is located in a room around the corner.
Kill Drevin 120/4 first and then everyone around him plus anything else you want. Run back to Final, he will point you to the original Smuggler. Go see him. Keep clicking until he says thanks or take a rest. 105xp from the quest and if you’re lixing so lvl 120-125 about 40k from his mates or more.
The smuggler will have mentioned Mendar Rahn do NOT talk to her. Not even close. You will lose the quest
Go back to Final in the sewers and do it again. Spawn time is maybe 5 minutes so you could cross razor with this if you just killed Razor and Drevin. It might be 200k in 5 minutes?
That will be good to lvl 140
Booooring but it will do it.

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