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175 Druid leveling help

Hi I'm a level 175 Druid and I'm pretty much stuck at that level because I have no one to level with anymore anytime i try to solo I get .5 a level which is 20 lixs a level and that's too much gold for me atm is there any advice you can give to me so I can get atleast .7 a lix or where I should level. I level at Despolier room
The skills I use are: Nature Touch, Lighting Strike, Storm Touch, Howling winds and Strangling vines
I have 3k hp and 9.1k energy with full dl

Re: 175 Druid leveling help

Hi Tsunami. I also have a 175 druid in exactly the same predicament. I have recently stopped solo levelling and have decided to wait until I can get grouping opportunities. I was using Lightning, Vines, Stinging swarm, Roots and enough Natures touch to keep me alive. In and around the despoiler room I was getting around 0.8 bar per lix. Unlike yourself I don't have full dl. It's a shame other classes don't understand how much druids struggle to solo level and offer to help, especially when they are clannies.

Re: 175 Druid leveling help

Can't tell you my exact stats due to server being down, but my Druid just turned 173 and I'm getting a bar + per lix atm.

I run 50 vines/lightning
45 storm touch
40 something bark
Rest in sanctuary

Lvl 160 shop totem
150 offhand axe
Royal charm of earth
Aggy LS bracer
Current event lux dex/attack bracer
Current event 140 pierce dex ammy
Lixes: hero travel, hp, energy, haste, super knowledge

I melee for about 3-450 on same Lvl mobs or mobs 1-3 lvls above.

I use alchemical gloves, DL boots, dl helm, ancient bb top, ancient bb leggings. This gives good direct damage storm touch and a decent heal.

Between my lvl 4 rabbit and lvl 1 nature touch, I can heal 700+ points of damage and sanctuary blocks 500+. I rely on restos here and there and do some massive damage. It really only works well if you have high vines/ls and storm.

Either lvl in the tower, avoid the dogs if possible, or lvl anywhere you find similar lvl mobs in carrow. The issue is if you fight lvl 179 mins your dmg suffers a bit

Re: 175 Druid leveling help

I remeber reading here the quicker you kill the less heals you need. Bark is your friend and at that level you can still successfully use a wind build so you can evade the autos of the mob and get a heal off. It depends on your gear really but I had more HP a bit less Energy and used an elix. Put all/as many as possible skill points into dmg skills so you can kill quickly. Lightening, vines, storm touch and bees. Bark and winds. Again it depends on your gear to a large degree. A mele build also works at that level so you can auto 200-450ish dmg but again depends what gear you have. The downside is, while you are leveling you are not much good for healing at boss fights. A good, strong clan won't mind because they know how valuable you will be when you reach end game.
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Re: 175 Druid leveling help

In the past couple of months I've solo leveled from 156 to my current level of 191. About your level I was still getting about 10-12% per lix, though now it's down to 6-8%.

1. Have enough Vitality so the 4*s can't 1-hit you. Everything else goes in Focus. If you use wind (you should), it helps to have an offhand Dexterity dagger you can throw on if it looks like you're going to die so you can sneak in a heal.

2. You need to do everything you can to max your damage spells. The damage difference between 49 storm and 50 storm is something like 10%. After that, I put points in wind, nature's touch, and bark (in that order of priority). The ratio will depend on your jewelry and skills gear, but do whatever you need to stay alive. I prefer to avoid damage than heal hp, so I always had a lot of wind.

3. Always start a lix right before you kill a 4*, it can add 1% to your total lix.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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