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Re: Lvl 86 Druid Build?? Help me out....

I have found this build to work out pretty well:

Half in Focus
Other half in Vit

Lightning Strike
Shield of Bark
Strangling Vines
Nature's Touch
(Keep extra skill points unaligned - at lvl 90 the max will increase from 20 to 25)

Unfortunately, solo leveling will almost always result in less xp than group leveling - While you get less xp per kill in a group, the kill speed is far greater than soloing. Nonetheless, this build should allow you to solo level.
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Re: Lvl 86 Druid Build?? Help me out....

I have been a winds build since level 120 and loved the solo ability. At your level you would probably need 150-200 defense (if you don't have access to any defense gear, then put 75-100 points into dex). After Dex is taken care of, try using a 3 focus to 2 vitality ratio. You may opt for different amounts depending on your gear.

Start with hollowing winds on a 4* mob and try casting skills that get interrupted easy like bark, touch and breath. Slowly add in points until you aren't getting interrupted often on those skills.
After that max
Swarm or storm (your preference, I prefer swarm because I use on multiple mobs)

When you get to leveling on bolgs (160) you may need to put bark at half to reduce the huge burst of damage from wrath of bolg skill. Never been a fan of maxed bark because it becomes less useful the more points you put into it. I try and make the armor bonus equal to the armor bonus from whatever shop shield you can buy at your level.

Using this build you can solo multiple mobs at once and still be able to heal. I've found using other builds just made me get interrupted too often. You may need to make some changes as you level. I noticed that I needed to make changes around 158/159 (when you level on blogs), 168 (leveling on trolls), 175-180 (needed more defense in the tower), and now leveling in forbidden halls, I've found more defense is needed.

Hope this helps.

Re: Lvl 86 Druid Build?? Help me out....

At your level, stick with: Vines, lightning, storm touch, bark, and the rest into natures touch. As per stats, do 2/3 focus, 1/3 vit. Gear wise, look for skill rings and bracelets. Per charm, look for a spider or storm touch reduction, amulet, anything with Regen works. Use a level 50 Lux offhand (if you have the gold)
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