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150 Druid gear

About to hit 150. Looking for some new gear.

I've got Jallan's Shrivewood set, looking to pick up the 150 Fiery offhand axe (deal pending).

I've got a 130 totem that boosts lightning, is there an upgrade for 150? Something similar?
Are there 150 Grims?

Recommendations on other jewlery to look out for other than Wyrm braces and skill rings?

Re: 150 Druid gear

I used a mighty totem that significantly boosted vines skill, a comrak neck ( didn't want to spend too much gold on alt ), obelisk event braces, lvl150 focus offhand, majestic spider dps charm.

There is a lvl150 aggy mainhand grim if you don't have access to a vines totem, or even lvl110 or lvl130 versions. I'd strongly recommend for not going melee. I greatly enjoyed Druid mostly due to the DoT skills while lixing. Boost your DoT skill damage, get lightening strike rings.
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