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Re: Why are we so under powered?

It would nice if druids had the option to be an actual dps. What we have right now is the ability to have mediocre dps, and a way to sustain our health easily. Mages have amazing dps, energy shield, and energy boost. What most other classes have over druids is an auto attack, reasonable energy consumption, and the OPTION to sacrifice vitality, or support skills, for great damage output. As a level 125, with lightning, storm, and vines WELL over 30 skill points, my energy usage is INSANE(manageable with a heroic energy lix) and my damage is mediocre-good.

Re: Why are we so under powered?

Ive revently came back to the game. I feel druids are absolute powerhouses if geared and skilled correctly.

My current build very twinky so my view may be a little biased.

Im a level 140 druid and i easily out dps rogues of the same level and can match mages when fighting high health mobs, their burst damage has me beat but my dot skills are killer.

This is my build.

Natures touch 30/30
Bark 30/30
Vines 49/30
Lighting 50/30
Storm 28/30

I have 6.5 k energy and 3k health.

With bard my armor is 900+ i have other classes asking to lvl with me.

I dont say this to brag, what im getting at is if you gear your character right you can be the strongest overall class in the game.

Re: Why are we so under powered?

Aralant there is something wrong with those mages and rogues then. I've leveled a druid to 213, a mage to 181, and a rogue to 201 so I can compare those classes. I can tell you my rogue and my mage easily has a mob half dead before vines even begins to start dmg.

Can a druid do decent dmg? Absolutely. But without a magic lure and you don't just have a crap geared rogue and mage, then the druid isn't going to outdps those 2 classes.
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Re: Why are we so under powered?

Radoc Macinlay wrote:How are you getting vines and lightning to those levels? I haven't'the been able to find the gear to bump those skills up much. definately not anything close to those levels. The highest I have is 38/30 for bark.

Silverweb charm, totem that boosts vines, aggy brace, rings etc. While his stats are good for his level to be fair, he looks to be pretty well equipped, a similarly geared mage would outdps him, the average rogue would too. Not to mention now that his skills are close to maxed there is little he can do to boost his damage until more direct boosting gear becomes available at higher levels. Melee classes will be advancing more quickly as he levels up, i dont think its fair to compare a well equipped class with one that isnt.
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Re: Why are we so under powered?

But the issue comes down to leveling.

It shouldn't be impossible for us to solo level with average to moderate gear.

Right now, at level 149, I'm struggling to get just under 1 bar per lix using super xp and heroic armor, attack, health, energy, and haste.
I've got a totem that boosts lightning, fiery axe offhand, heroic haste gloves, level 100 Shrivewood set, and a few other items that boost lightning, attack, defence, etc.
Swapping out rings as I cast, I have 38/30 bark, 30/30 lightning (can't find a ring and found that the Shrivewood set aura bumped up lightning more than the +5 spideweb charm), 34/30 swarm, 36/30 vines, 6/30 bless (+5 ring, reduces interruptions).
A little over 3k health and 5-6k energy depending on what I have equipped.

Other people around my level that don't have any special gear and have a bunch of empty jewelry slots (best ring is +2 or +3 and no event drops. IE too broke to have anything that wasn't given away), are able to level at over three times the rate with only a super xp and health.

I understand that we are a support class, which is part of the reason I play a Druid. Our (main) complaint as far as damage goes is not about bossing, it's about leveling (Having the option to be support or dps is usually the draw in other games. Druids normally have the ability to do either drawing on the power of the elements, just not in CH. Which is fine if there isn't a rediculous spread in the ability for people to advance in the game).
We shouldn't have to rely on other people to level at a reasonable pace. If we don't have the time to schedule something with our friends and clannies or they are on a different schedule or are too busy to play, we don't have a reasonable way to level. We are 100% dependant on other players or need to spend 3-4 times the amount of time and money to level (the time is a huge issue for me right now)
This is extremely frustrating and aggravating. The bounty board was helpful initially, but now the time and resources required (at my level) do not justify the small xp payout. We don't have equality, or anything remotely close to it, when it comes to leveling. We need to have the ability to level effectively. The huge rate of evasions and high resistance to nature's magic only puts us at a larger disadvantage. My skills rarely hit above 50% on mobs around my level. When they do, it's still well below 75%.

On a side note:
I was leveling with a friend that was 8 levels above me. Every time we compared, we were getting the same xp per kill. He still got more bars than I did. Not by much, like 1/3-1/2 or so, but at a lower level, getting the same xp, you would have figured I would have increased more than he did.

Re: Why are we so under powered?

First of all, any druid that posts that they can out dps a mage or rogue at the same level is just beyond dreaming. The mage has to TOTALLY SUX because there just is absolutely no way this can happen.

My Rogue at 5 levels below my Druid and can auto damage and still get lock and kill every time... period.
(Believe me I have tested this hundreds of times)

My Druid has
50 Lightning
50 Vines
50 Storm
Focus is 2,415

So basically, my Rogue using NO SKILLS, can out DPS my Druid with DPS SKILLS close to max.
That tells me we still have some work to do.

The point of a Nature Attunement spell for Druids is to give us the option to loss points in support spells in order to gain points in DPS to allow us to level faster.
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