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Re: What stuff Should I get

Thornstar wrote:How does this have 11,000 views and no replies? :|

Lol wow
Ok first u should have meadow sun armor after that get Woven Silverleaf not just Silverleaf less weight better overall then u should think about getting into a good clan that can provide u with warden armor u have to be lvl 80 to get all the armor
Ok now its lux items and weapons etc.
Get a wolf totem at shalemont its the cheapest and u dont need it for healing just use for ability
Offhand depends if u like to solo or attack with the person ur training with get a golden blade of ice,magic, fire i would suggest ice in the Otherworld becuz they have less resist. If u just have low energy most of the time u either need to buy sigils or buy a masters grim adds focus and energy if ur energys is really bad get the orb the gives 25 per tic
So this leads me to lux
If u can afford it get hero ammy and maybe some mount like the 70% dragonstaff lux is only for if u a lot of money
Ok then charms what i advise is charms from the summer event they give bonuses to skill like 120 more heal for natures touch etc. or if u can afford it a camo charm
Next braces at ur lvl try getting energy braces from the lux trader at OW
Rings Try getting skill rings
Ok so thats all I hope i helped ;)
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Re: What stuff Should I get

EasterHeals wrote:I am level 39 Druid, hopefully be at level 50, what type of armour, items, lux would be good for a level 50 druid, for now?

personally go for duskshadow intill you get frozen. so once you get full dusk youll have lots of focus for more heals and more energy then the vendor armours at that lvl. after lvl 60ish and up get the green version of dusk armour it will improve every piece plus more focus. then at lvl 125 i believe you can get the full set of spirit shadow armour which has lots of focus and way better then met personally.

as for lux itill lvl 50 get a hero ammy if possible its all youll realy need then maybe a anc totem from shale or sv. once your lvl 50 get a masters grimorie no doubt about it 15 energy regen plus 200(?) focus. the energy regen with hero and grim will be enough for a long time. if you dont feel like doing the armour quests once a day then try getting warden then met. As for wep once you can get a warden totem get it, then the met totem it will be the best thing you can get intill maybe a aggy main hand grimoire. Vendor totems seem like trash to me personally.

ps: warden and met might be less then spiritshadow but you will still need it for frozen and later DL.
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