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Re: Plea for OTM response on Druid energy issues

Perl wrote:
Itsdavies wrote:Question to all druid mains above 120. Do any of you feel that we're flat out being ignored about our energy issues? If so, why?

I feel it is a Druid vs. Platinum issue.
The better druids are, the less plat needed.

OTM will not fix our energy issue... why? Better healed groups use less idols and pots
OTM will not fix Spring of Life... why? Competes directly with idol purchases
OTM will not give us a method to level at the same pace as other classes... why? Too many druids means less need for plat

Plain and simple we compete directly with OTM so they nerf us on purpose.
Honestly, when groups use pots instead of druids it is a happy day for OTM... :roll:

Our class does not work withing their business model...

This is correct!

I called SoL as a dud when it was first announced but not yet implemented. Unless Druids are changed to be a different class that is effective but does not compete with OTM's revenue model, we will continue to be a diluted class.

Perhaps as a suggestion, an altar can be placed in the game, usable by lvl 150+ Druids. At this altar Druids can exercise a different kind of rebirth that turns us into a new class, an Augmenter. The Augmenter class is still a group-oriented class but uses spells that amplify the other classes (and his/her own) damage. So, where the Druid has Shield of Bark, the Augmenter has Imperil which removes X pts of armor from the opponent. Where the Druid has AoE Wards, the Augmenter has AoE damage enhancers, combat hastes, and mob vulnerabilities.
Of course this would need to be balanced well with Mage.
FInally, the enhancer cannot wield a weapon, but instead can throw naturally crafted alchemical weapons (Noxious Breeze - a stun/movement reduction, etc. etc.). The Augmenter also uses a familiar that becomes more powerful the more invested in it. At keystone levels the pet changes form, or quests can be done to do so. Since the Augmenter does not get either melee or ranged damage attacks, the familiar/pet is capable of damage, damage that rivals the other melee classes if invested in. *Another advantage of the pet's power capability, is as long as it needs to be managed (not just auto attacks) it makes it increasingly difficult for dual-device players. So then, Druid mains are rewarded for not playing the character like a tag-along healer.

I believe something like this class for current druids-only would add to the game while giving a viable class to people who currently play druids as primaries. Those who want to stay as Druids can do so. Changing to the new class is permanent though, so should not be easy to do or taken lightly.

*The class name is not important at this point, though I am sure something more catchy exists.
*The only way to get this class is by first reaching X level with Druid and then completing the Altar quest to dismiss current gods and pray to new ones.
**Other possible names:
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Most Druids are dual-device.
I won't buy Plat until Druid issues are addressed.
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