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Can anyone figure out what this spell does? I just used a book of alteration to take my points away from abundance to use this thinking it was a aggro remover. It doesn't do anything by what i can see.
The description says:

Surround the target ally in a
calming aura, easing the enemy's
anger anger towards them

Any thoughts?

Re: Calm

I think so, i figured it was gonna be like the rogues hide and give me a calm status or something. I tried casting it on others while they were in a fight, nothing. I tried it on enemies as they attacked me, nothing there either. I think its a broken move that others somehow never noticed. I doubt I'm the first one to try it.

Re: Calm

Hi there

Calm will reduce agro for all enemies on a target player. So if you have a warrior and mage fighting a boss and the mage is getting all the agro, you can cast calm on them to help the warrior get the agro back.

Just useful now in groups / raids, but I think it'll become much more useful going forwards when we add things like area effect spells and larger bosses,

Re: Calm

thank you for this. i reall thought calm was supposed to be casted on enemies, not other characters...
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Re: Calm

The key words there were "target ally"

Has any one tried using this ability to prevent warriors or mages from stealing their kills?
If we can reduce their aggro then will the mob will turn on us and ignore them?

To be fair, i have had a hard time working out how the credit for a kill is worked out since it was changed from going to whoever took the final hitpoint,
Now it seems to be whoever did the most damage to the monster gets the credit for the kill, and that rules out the druid straight away.

Re: Calm

I have had no luck with this skill yet :( havent maxed it, but i added 6 points at the expense of bark andabundance.i thought it could help prevent peoplefrom ksing atleast :roll: but still dunno if its worth investing anymore points.i havent noticed any difference whatsoever .please clarify or look into the skill admin. it seems as vestigeal as an appendix :p
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