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Re: Coolest name ideas?

Mind wrote:
Angmar Reid wrote:
Eragon123 wrote:
Brian Regan, right? :lol:

I love Brian! :D I like Elmaleh, too. But Brian’s... “grape, a little more favorite”.

(Nerds of a feather, so glad I'm not the only one :D)
Airport and spelling bee are my 2 favs of his :lol:

Spelling Bee, and the Hostpital one are my favorites hehe

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Re: Coolest name ideas?

Mine are:
DoctorHeals/flames/poison/shield/arrows(kinda sad).
And last is:


I forgot :mrgreen:
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Crom toons:
Madcombo (rogue)(lvl 205+)

Re: Coolest name ideas?

When I'm not naming my toon bobthemage, some of the names I have come up with are:

Gwydion - Voted Top Noob of Relentless
BobsYourUncle 226 Fire Mage

Stubborn 220 Warrior (Tank)

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boymclir wrote:Bob The God

Shadae wrote:This Bob guy is a guide? Legitimately?


Re: Coolest name ideas?

My first few character names were all based off of book or other game characters (I was going through a massive Runescape phase when I first started CH lol). But my newer characters have had slightly better names. My warrior's name is SirPrysing, and my druid's name is SirRenitee ;)
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