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Chest Sale

I realize tha November and December had many challenges which likely got things off schedule. Usually there is a Christmas chest sale, which allows me to buy presents at a discount. This year i bought and gave none as I was sure that the sale was coming and i am too cheap to pay full price. Any plans to have a chest sale, maybe with the next update?

Re: Chest Sale

Hi Dgoodno,

We did have a Double Platinum sale during Black Friday, but also a second one during Christmas!

Right now I don't have any information about when the next sale is, but the Announcements section is the place to look when we do!

Re: Chest Sale

Thank you for the fast response. Like many players i am a creature of habit that’s dependent on a consistent schedule. As for the second plat sale that was for those who had access issues during the November sale. I buy dbl plat during the two yearly events. I buy some chests during those plat sales, and save some for the chest sales. I buy more plat during the chest sales. This past December there was no chest sale, so I didn’t spend the rest of my plat — and I didn’t buy additional plat. Without a chest sale I don’t need more plat. I don’t want to pay full price now, because maybe tomorrow there will be a chest sale. When you mess with the long held schedule, you mess with the minds of the long term players.

Re: Chest Sale

I don't recall chest deals ever being on any sort of schedule (I'm assuming you are talking about temporary reductions of the chest prices themselves). The double platinum events are on a schedule for Black Friday weekend and on (or very close to) the CH birthday weekend in June. Chest sales have been a little more sporadic though. Usually they do tend to follow platinum sales by a few weeks or months, but not always.
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Re: Chest Sale

Thanks! My memory has been wrong before, so may be again. I certainly believe that there was alwasy a Christmas sale. Not as good as the dbl plat, but 12 for the price of ten. Too many times i bought chests just before the sale, lol. Seems the summer/fall one would come a couple weeks after a major update. That is, new chests sell briskly, then as sales drops off out comes the sale.

No matter, the great chests of the past went away when tokens were introduced and i still buy. Love the game, hate the haters.

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