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Re: Getting Started

Zkills wrote:Majority of the servers play very similarly with each other at the endgame level, with a few tweaks here and there in the rules. Some servers are big, and some very small. Personally I would recommend Epona if you think you’ll enjoy clan to clan cooperation at bosses, or Gwydion (seems to be the popular choice) if you think you’ll enjoy a single clan killing bosses. I’m not sure about competitive servers anymore, seems to be dying at the endgame level in a lot of servers.

And this is why the game sucks lol. Because 0 competition.
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Re: Getting Started

Haha wrote:So if i look at player base, only epona and arawan is worth considering?

I dont see why there is a problem with "several end game clans" is it even interesting when there is only 1 serious clan. Look at lineage2- people compete over epic raid bosses and thats what makes them even more valuable...

Their isn't a problem with several endgame clans. Most servers have very little to no competition at all. Not exactly sure why having more people would even be an issue. God forbid someone had to try harder to get the drops they want.
Brevity is the soul of wit so i will talk your ears off.

Re: Getting Started

Killface wrote:
Thanks to the expanded quest line, and anyone in a decent Clan can level to 150 without much problem following the quests and just getting help on the hard ones. After that though, it's pretty much up to elixirs. The problem here is that the goal is to kill as many things as you can in as short a time span as possible. Droids can do high DPS, but they don't do high DPS incredibly quickly especially when compared to other classes. Also, as mentioned before, you'll get interrupted. Druids have the most difficulty with interruption from any glass. it's because most of their damage often comes from their skills or most of their defense often comes from their skills, or both. While Mages have basically all of their damaged coming from their spells as well, mages have a skill called energy Shield which stops the opponent from interrupting you while it's up. the druid skill sanctuary can do the same thing but it's not nearly as strong as energy shield and so is seldom the best way to invest your skill points. Group leveling, well it is more efficient, is actually not incredibly popular. Mostly because this is a cellphone game I think. People want to be able level on their own time. One of the reasons that I play so much is because I can take the game in my pocket with me wherever I'm headed. (really hoping to do a video playing in the ocean well I'm here in Hawaii if I can.)
Also on the subject of group Lvling, because Druids don't do as much damage as quickly, there are times they won't be the first people to pick for a group. They are the best in the game for helping other people survive meaning that there should be a high demand, but the survivability needed for leveling can be obtain just by using items from the Platinum shop which most people do. These items can be purchased from other players who spend money on Platinum, so they're plentiful during certain times and people often stock up and then level that way. At bosses Druids are incredibly necessary because you need both the bus from Madrid and the bus from the Platinum shop to take out the boss but why would one, one of the other will suffice. Leveling with one DPS in one Droid gets you more total XP, but it doesn't get each person more XP. this means that while it's cheaper to level with a Droid, it's faster to so level without one

Well that was very informative and useful text, thanks :D

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