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Re: New item drop locations

Froze wrote:
Iman687 wrote:Someone got a 10 pierce/crush/slash bracelet from 196 5s in alchemical

So if this bracelet can drop from a 195 5s mob in alchemical....


Does that mean it can drop this brace from it also? :o

Onwards to farming in Alchemical Quarters :arrow:

Can someone be specific about this 195 5*. Where was it, what its name might be, whether its a common boss or whatever.
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Re: New item drop locations

squidly wrote:Wrath of Ursa bracelet. I got it off of a 5* bear in Stonevale. Spawned by the baby bears near Chillmist.

Wow, your first post since 2015. Congrats on brace. Do you have a pic of the mob that dropped it? Were you killing stuff nearby or did you just randomly find it.

PM me and I will do my best to help you with whatever you need.

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