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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Can we get a reply on the topic of having problems with mobs/npcs/mailboxes/auction/bank/item names /item description not spawning/showing? I saw ppl have same issue like me, and I'd really don't want to end up stuck on this, while all rest get to enjoy update and future xp event. I'm sure u guys have lots of work, I just want to know if the problem is even investigated or not , or do we need to contact u personally to get to a solution and fix it.(and hope solution isn't getting an iPhone bcs some of us can't afford it and are stuck with our old devices that worked fine before). I've searched up old forums, tried possible solutions (deleting obb file, cache, data, reinstalling) but did no effect.

I don't mind waiting as long as I know problem is getting fixed and please any feedback would be calming so we know we aren't ignored (it just seems so right now, bcs every other problem seems fixed, and I hear other players can play the game normally :/)

Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Hi I am experiencing the same issue as others. I can't get past the log on screen. The messages says there is a newer version available but I have already downloaded the newest and the app store specifies I am upgraded to version 3.2.2 and has no further upgrades available but I still can't get past the message. Suggestions please...

Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Hi, I reinstalled after this last update, could finally login. But I was having the same issue as the guy above, no mobs, npc, mailbox, etc...so I uninstalled the game again and restarted... reinstalled the game again... restarted and now the problem is gone. Still lag at times but I can play now. I'm running an older phone too so hopefully this can help others as well.

Thank you for working on this and continuing to, I appreciate you and I'm sure others do.
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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Thank you for the update able to login now!!! Just a little lag here and there and only crashed once and that was at castle when put on my gele totem from the hot swap but after that one crash I was able to hotswap no problem.
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Doing bt I kept crashing well I waited for people log.
Arena run smoothlly. But when I ley out of arena I crash. Also I tend to crash a little bit here and there.
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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Thank you for the update now i can log and game is able to play, but istill have Somes issues like the game crash every 20-30 minutes, and istill have lag less than before ofc, becuz sometimes is very difficult to talk the lag make the write difficult, iuse ipad mini 2 cellular version,
But im very grateful you guys doing good :) Hope soon we can play better for now ican play :)
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