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Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Samsung galaxy j7
Android 6.0.1
Huge lag everywhere and low frames, also when typin keyboard lags game even more and after i send wht i type sometimes game freezes sometimes

Typings are also invisible and tht white typin part above the keyboard wasnt there before update. It hides most of the chat box ffs ._.
Basel 225 DG mage

Re: Issues with the Unity Update? CLICK ME!

Just noticed another frature this morning. On top of lag in general being far worse than before the uodate, and now corrupted gardens being almost a standstill for it, I noticed that today I have lost my warbear sjill, and lost the icon at the top showing speed movement boost. It lefy a blank space that you can touch and it says what is there, you hust cant see the icon. And the skill is shadowed out so no use. It workd last night though.

Note 4, android 6.0.1
Yes, cleared cache, restart, nothing has worked

Thanks for whatever help you will be providing though

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