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Re: Game crashes

iPhone 6+ IOS 12.1 = can enter game, after a minute at most the screen goes black and game shuts down.

iPad mini IOS = exactly the same thing except shut down happens even faster

Older iPad 2 (IOS 9.3.5) doesn’t load game

Can you give us an idea of how long we might be waiting for fix? Thank you.

Re: Game crashes

Reef wrote:How am i able to play PUBG on high graphic settings flawlessly using a 1.6ghz octa core 3gb tablet but cant even stay logged in for minute on CH without the game crashing on the lowest possible graphic settings.

A mobile game thats not even optimized for mobiles or tablets.. nice. I see the beta was successfull, good update. Good job killing your already small player base.
true story
iOS 12.0.1
iPhone 6, 6a,7 and 8... with all phones game don’t work!!! When I log in and click screen game is crashing and next close.... idk why u end beta testing ... we get from u really “great upgrade” ;) ty

Re: Game crashes

iPhone 5s
iOS 12.1
Minimum graphics
Can log into castle. Doesn’t crash if I just sit there lol, but opening any menu, panning the screen, moving my character, or messaging anyone causes it to crash within 5-10 seconds.
Edit: occurs on both WiFi and data.
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