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Re: Patch Notes - Unity 2018 Update

So aside from the lag and crashes this update looks good. Loving the new hair styles and the texture of it. Auto target feature is something I've wanted for time (can't have auto target without a cycle through button tho :p ). Defo will be maxing the tiger mount it looks so cool, wish I could change it's stats. Pvp doesn't really interest me (battling is slow and clunky and the fights are over in a few hits) but having a global arena where we can all chat is awesome.

Re: Patch Notes - Unity 2018 Update

0075600 wrote:Ça dit "bug de connection réparé" moi j'arrive même plus à la page d'accueil du jeu

/It says "Connection Lag Solved", I'm no longer able to reach the log-in screen"/

From my side, playing on Samsung S8

- game doesn't run smooth at all, low frame
- resolution is worse than last engine, especially at distance. Strong pixellisation.

- bear mount icon doesnt appear
- the screen is recognized as a tablet and I get tiny buttons. (periodic, not systematic)
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Re: Patch Notes - Unity 2018 Update

I AM SORRY BUT I CAN LEGIT SEE NO GOOD PART IN THiS UPDATE! Its all laggy and I keep getting kicked from game its my first day of break and I am stuck not able to play the game I enjoy because of the update I have been kicked 11 times out of the game because of lag even with potato settings on they should take back to update and revise it because its ruining some players experience ;(

Re: Patch Notes - Unity 2018 Update

hi all, can smo give me few answers pls?

iphone 4 ( not S )))
ios 7.1.2
somehow i was able to play ch until this update...
i ve tried; reset phone , turn off/on phone, delete ch and reload... still having a still image of loading game
1. do i really have to buy a new phone?
2. if so, does it have to be an iphone ?
3. i ve created my acc on iphone so if i buy another brand can i log in with my acc?
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