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Waypoint idea for game

Im not sure if this idea has been suggested or talked about but i thought of it while going to a 200 5* spider legacy. I realized hat i notice this is several clans that they spam for help and loggers but rarely the location in the franticness.

I thought maybe a waypoint system would be a good solution for that, you could set up a waypoint anywhere on your map in settings and it would appear on your map at all times on all servers. (On different accounts you would have to make it again obviously). You would be able to type whatever you want to name it, (Lvl 166-168 Bolg Lvling), or (Hawkhurst farming location) for examples. But the thought behind it was you could put multiple waypoints where legacies are like Dreadbone, or Smolach 5* or Obelisk 6* (the giant one by boggan area). Or dl/edl if you were unsure. Just in general so you get a better awareness of the map you are in and it would be less of a struggle for some if any do ever struggle.

Im not sure how applicable this would be for whoever would use it if it was implemented but i thought it was an interesting thought. Any thoughts?
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