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Re: Those of Us Left

Everything wrote:Got back on the game and forums again this last week and was surprised to see that nearly all the "older" forum goers are nowhere to be seen.

Aside from those getting promoted to Moderators I've only really seen Zyz posting on stuff. Anybody else from 2014 and earlier is either a Mod or gone, which is sad.

I don't see anyone from Resurgence posting much, Aileron and his clan all bailed out earlier this year, and this is the first time I've seen General Discussion go an entire week without a big thread being started by someone.

I was expecting the Gardens update to bring a lot of people back for at least a while, but their discontentment with the game must've been too far gone.

Any older Forum folk out there that just aren't posting much, or is it just me, Zyz, and the Mods now?

A lot of us have gotten less inactive, I know for myself I try to stay fairly active, chiming in on a few key threads once a day when I’m available, but ya... mostly I just stick to the mage sub-forum with my peeps :geek:
That being said, a lot of newer faces have stepped in and the forums is anything but inactive these days. While it’s sad to see the titans of old like Aileron gone, nothing lasts forever and the sign of a good community in a game is when old players quit but their roles are never empty (for long at least).
The game goes on :)
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Re: Those of Us Left

Game and forums have been on a decline since the carrow update. Things just haven’t really made the game all that much better since then. The only thing that is implemented consistenly is paid content (battle mounts, pets, chest fashions, chests) and most people don’t really go for that kind of stuff.
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Re: Those of Us Left

They need to re-randomize the server list for new players. Right now, Taranis has a massive influx of new players (that quit due to insane waiting for spawns and competition), because it's the default server. Let's spread that out so we can get a decent level of new players on each server and reinvigorate low level areas.

Re: Those of Us Left

I still browse the forums and answer PMs, but I’m definitely not as active as I used to be. I started around late 2011, so not everyone from before 2014 is gone. :)
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Re: Those of Us Left

Jonsa wrote:I still browse the forums and answer PMs, but I’m definitely not as active as I used to be. I started around late 2011, so not everyone from before 2014 is gone. :)

I find it awesome that there are still players from when the game started still around :D hope to one day play as long as you guys lol

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