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Re: Beta Spectral Mount

MrsDredd wrote:
Zyz wrote:
MrsDredd wrote:I don’t know why people are complaining. Honestly CH players have it so good compared to most games where premium items are chargeable and non trade. In CH you can not play for 2 years and still come back super OP. Unpopular opinion but I wish there were more PtW items in this game as then it would make more money and we would get more new content. Even something like an elite pack for $5 a month which gives 1 of each type of lix per day and maybe some other perks.

This mount is achievable for free. Will you get it on the day it is released without spending cash or lots of ingame gold? Probably not. But you can absolutely work towards it and get it for nothing eventually. And let’s face it, the updates don’t come around often so you have plenty of time to get the mount before the next upgrade arrives.

My concern more is useless items we get lumped with that we pay for with plat. Like fashion tokens which we can’t spend because there’s never any new fash at the vendor. What does one do with 30+ sets of one color fash tokens? Maybe make them tradeable for mount tokens (10 fash tokens = 1 Mount token). If only.

Except a majority of those games you don't need elixers or plat items to level and it can be done much quicker than in CH. Of course, other games don't have levels that go up to 220+. With CH, if you don't use plat items to level, it's a very long, arduous task compared to many of the MMORPGs that you can do quests and pop levels fairly quickly.

If you're gone for 2 years and can come back super OP, then you're on a server that isn't killing proteus, gele, and/or bt regularly.

I do like the idea of plat packs and even a varying monthly subscription option. It doesn't need p2w items but exclusive fashion, weapon skins, mount/pet skins, banners, armor dyes, fashion dyes, etc would be cool along with lix options also like you mentioned.

My server kills Gele and Prot on day of spawn, Prot 95% of the time on spawn. It is possible to come back from a long hiatus in full DG with edl weps or Gele void wep and reaper ring etc and still be considered very OP on any server that can’t/doesn’t kill BT.

Yea in many games you don’t need lixes for your toon to level, but they always get you in some way. If you don’t pay to level your toon you will pay to get the gear for it to make it decent, or for ingame currency to participate in events to get anything good. CH is extremely unusual in that all the best gear is available for free to those prepared to put the work in. Lix is also available to those willing to farm gold. You have the option in CH of either paying in cash or time. That’s fairly unusual.

I like the idea of fash/armor dyes etc. They do that in another game I play (dyes are farmed from mobs and can be sold to other players) and the exclusive pay fashion changes every day and is non trade.

Well, yes, if you had full dg w/void weapons and godly proteus bracers and left today and came back in two years and compared your toon to other toons on servers that don't kill gele/bt/etc, then, yes, you would be OP. But that's not really comparing apples to apples. Now if you left today and didn't come back for 2 years (assuming the same server), then many on that server will have surpassed you if the game is doing what it should, which is a progression in gear. If you had quit 2 years ago and come back today on the same server and that server has moved onto killing gele and bt, then you wouldn't be OP at all.

My experience with other games has been completely the opposite. I'm not sure if VR frowns on mentioning other games so I'll just keep it to one. Take Order and Chaos for example. In that game you don't have to spend a dime or spend hours upon hours upon hours farming and you can level at a quick pace and acquire very nice gear. And there are quite a few like it. Now CH does have that game and those like it beat with its chat functions. Generally what I've seen is older players that keep playing don't necessarily play because the game stays enjoyable but because of the friendships and the people. I haven't really played another mobile MMORPG that does provide a people connection like CH does.

We're prob going off topic at this point.
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