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Re: Unity 2018 Beta Details - Discussion Thread

Difinitus wrote:Please remember to keep all relevant discussions about the beta in the dedicated beta section of the forums: https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=316. If you are in the beta, but can't access these forums, then let me know.

Most of these questions have been answered already =)!

I’m in the beta, and was in the process of making a big report on the beta forum, yet for some reason I got kicked out and am not currently authorised. Please fix.
In the meantime, here is the bug

Tap back button not working in tutorial

Issue: When I tried to leave farcrag to go to shalemont, I got a tutorial message saying that I was carrying too many items. This then went into showing me how to buy ley fragments and then backpack expansions. Once the tutorial showed me how to buy backpack expansions. A button popped up at the top left corner saying tap back. However when I pressed this button, nothing happened, and I was stuck on the screen, I restarted the app and the same thing happened.
Device: iPhone 6s on iOS 12.1
Location: when attempting to travel from farcrag to another area.
Steps: 1. Have more items in backpack than you can carry.
2. Attempt to travel to a leystone in a different map
3. Step 2 will lead to tutorial popping up showing you how to buy ley fragments and backpack expansions
4. Follow through till it shows how to buy backpack expansions. Once a backpack has been bought. A box will pop up on the top left of the page saying “tap back”. Clicking this box did nothing and I was stuck on the page

P.S I’m sorry for posting here, didn’t want to delay informing about the bug till after I got access again

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