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Arawn Recruitment (Colours)

Colours Recruitment

Colours on the server Arawn is currently opening up their doors to a select few.

We are a family guild that likes to boss. We demand a high quality of character from our members. We maintain an easy going and pleasant gaming environment. We also tend to share our lives in support of each other outside the gaming environment. Wether this be sharing pictures of prepared meals, children/sibling and pets or mindless bantering. We have an all around good time.

We do not force bossing, but if you want gear then you need to help kill bosses. We are a tight nit group of people and rely upon skill, not numbers when bossing. We maintain an organized and fair loot distribution system and in order to prevent point build up to allow new members to gear as rapidly as older members, we have a decaying point system in place. We don’t just gear officers with weapons. We gear by a priority point system so any one can build weapons. Top of the line raid gear is not just given willy nilly to leadership, it is distributed to the appropriate class based on priority at time of kill. If you want to build weapons and earn end game gear all you have to do is enjoy the game by showing up to bosses that are called.

We encourage our members to manage their time in game in a way that brings them the most satisfaction and enjoyment possible. If that is fishing and cooking or bossing so long as our members are happy, we are happy.

While we have no level limit or gear requirements we only take a couple low level players on at a time in order to promote a rewarding bonding and learning environment. So we definitely take on low level recruits that stand out from the crowd. Don’t let your level stop you from applying. We are also opening our door to older more established gamers.

What do we provide? We provide a cooperative, skill based bossing environment and a supportive and easy going gaming guild environment. We currently compete in open world contested lock battles for S, T, C, Rev and Unox. We are also contesting Hrung, Mordy and Prot. We are moving into a solid place to start contesting Necro. We are able to currently down the Lich boss in the Gardens expansion. Our goal is to continue to conquer and dominate GMT while expanding our reach into EST time zone.

Colours is a guild with a rotation of active members. We employ a solid leadership team that values guild progression and members wellbeing above all else. We believe that those two things are not mutually exclusive. We strive to create and maintain a working team that is sustainable, healthy and rewarding for each and every member.

I should say in the 8 or so months I have had the distinct privilege to be apart of Colours I have only seen 2 active members leave..one came back with in 2 weeks. The other quit with in a month. Colours is not a mass invitation guild. You can hold your head up high should you get in and once you make it to clansman I can promise you, it is a choice you will never regret. Colours takes care of her own.

If you would like any more information please feel free to contact any member of Colours.

We wish you well on your journey through Celtic Heroes.

Here is the link to the application on Band.

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